Live Broiler Chicken:
Excellent quality broiler chicken is our commitment. Healthy and fresh Broiler Chicken supplied by us is delicious in taste and has high protein content. We source it from best vendors who ensure that the chickens are free from diseases and are healthy. Contact us for Healthy and Fresh Broiler Chicken .
Farmers can also contact us to sell their healthy chicken for hassle free sale.

Frozen Chicken:
Frozen chicken made its market in Pakistan only few years back but now it is essential for us Pakistanis, as it has been for people around the world. We are planning to introduce SPS Deli in market soon. Some frozen chicken meat and delicious ready to cook food companies are K&Ns . National Food,,PK, Menu etc

Feed quality that includes feed formulation, quality of ingredients, as well as feed management has been a major concern to poultry farmers all over the world. Excellent FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) is the target of every farmer form the first day. Some feed management softwares are also available for purchase and download from the internet, but making feed is low budget and limited resources is not a good idea at all. We are planning to introduce SPS Feed in market soon.  These are some safe and healthy  reputed Feed Companies/Suppliers in Pakistan

MASTER POULTRY FEEDS: Company Address: Cattle Colony, N.C.No.46, Road, No.11, Landhi, Karachi, Pakistan.
Company Phone :021-35081369, Head Off. 021-34523524

SIND FEEDS & ALLIED PRODUCTS:   Plot No.19, Sector No.16 Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: 9221-35053290 / 35053289 / 35060803

ASIA POULTRY FEEDS: 359-Shamsabad, Humayun Road Multan. (PAKISTAN)
Ph : 0092-61-622 1160 – 65 Fax: 0092-61-652 2117

Hitech Feeds: Mulatan, Pakistan

Expected performance :

Excellent Feed and Target Performance For broiler
Week:      Av..Bird Wt. :     Wt. Gain :        Feed Cons. Weekly:        Commulative:         *FCR
1                 180 gms             180 gms            168 gms/bird                   168 gms/bird          0.930
2                 430                     250                    362                                     530                            1.230
3                 790                     360                    540                                     1070                          1.350
4                 1250                   460                    755                                     1825                          1.460
5                 1750                   500                    975                                     2800                          1.610
6                 2300                  550                    1160                                   3960                           1.720
7                 2730                  430                    1240                                   5200

Criteria for high quality Broiler Chicks is best performance, fast growth, more weight and less mortality. The most efficient chick has the lowest FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio), the best growth rate and an ability to survive on low density, low cost nutrition. The fast growth rate significantly cuts the cost of production for the farmer. Insha Allah you will find SPS Chicks in market soon. Some known chicks Providers in pakistan are.
BigBirds Chicks
Sabir Chicks
Hitech Chicks
Lucky Chicks
Master Chicks
Waleed Ckicks
K&N’s Chicks

Reliable, Reputed, High quality, and Original Medicine and vaccine are all the factors no farmer can compromise on. You can contact us for guidance. We can provide you detailed guidance and introduction of authentic Medicine Companies. Generally Orients,
Gazi Brothers etc are good choices.